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The Prestige

This (The Prestige) is a very interesting film, directed by Christopher Nolan, about two magicians that shows the dangerous and deadly consequences of envy and rivalry.  From the time that they first met as young magicians on the rise, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden were competitors. However, their friendly competition evolves into a bitter rivalry making them fierce enemies-for-life and consequently jeopardizing the lives of everyone around them. Set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century London. I am not going to tell you anything else in order not to ‘destripar’ the film, which is very beatiful with its stories about love, hate, death…


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This article is not intended to speak about my personal life because if I wanted that everyone knew it, I would go to “El diario de Patricia” or anywhere else. This article’s aim, however, is to make a difference between the people who talk much and the people who talk too much.

Those who talk much are usually (though not always) nice and I get on well with that kind of people (despite the fact that I’m shy and I don’t speak much). They talk about anything they like but they don’t want to be always the centre of attention. 

Nevertheless, those who talk TOO much, are egocentric people who are all the time seeking everyone’s glance. Those people are also too self-confident and look down on the rest. But, what they don’t know is that inside an arrogant, there is an ignorant.

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A former pet shop worker has been awarded £700,000 in damages after being left wheelchair-bound through a virus he caught from a parrot.

Glyn Atherton, 35, won a six-year battle for compensation after he contracted the rare condition psittacosis from an African grey called Jack.

Mr Atherton was working as an assistant manager at a branch of the Do It All chain of DIY shops in Nottingham when he was admitted to hospital with “flu-like symptoms”. He returned to work briefly but spent a further six weeks in hospital where he was diagnosed with psittacosis, a form of pneumonia.

When the store was informed of his condition the parrot, which had been on sale in a pet section, had already died and a post mortem examination found it was a victim of the disease.

The virus is believed to have been transmitted to Mr Atherton in dust from sand used in the parrot’s litter.

He developed chronic fatigue syndrome as a result of the infection, which has left him unable to walk more than 20 yards or play with his 12-year-old daughter Nicole.

Doctors have told him that his condition may never improve and he cannot work. His wife Sue, 36, has had to give up her £16,000-a-year job as a personal assistant to act as his full-time carer at their home in Chesterfield, Derbys.

The company, with which he had been employed for 10 years, reached an out-of-court settlement with his lawyers just before the case was to be heard by the High Court in Sheffield.

Mr Atherton had been working as a £16,000-a-year assistant manager at the Bulwell branch for three months in 1999 and regularly walked past the parrot.

He worked part-time at the company’s Belper store for six weeks after his initial stay in hospital and several times had to stop while driving there due to tiredness.

Then Mr Atherton woke up one morning and could not move his arms or legs or speak properly.

About £150,000 of the award is being spent on adapting the house to his needs. He said: “The money is nice but it doesn’t compensate for losing my health. It sounds like a lot but it is going to have to last for the rest of my life.

“One of the worst things is that I’ve not been able pick up my daughter Nicole for years because I just don’t have any strength. Those are the kind of things you just cannot replace with money.” His solicitor, Terry Regan, of Sheffield law firm Wake Smith, said: “The store admitted liability for exposing him to risk of infection. Mr Atherton will not be able to work and has reduced mobility.”

A spokesman for Focus DIY which took over Do It All, which has not sold pets since September 2004, said: “The case has been concluded and we have no further comment to make.”




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Romanian officials were embroiled in a battle yesterday over who has the right to buy the country’s most popular tourist site, known as Dracula’s Castle, after it went on the market late last year.

Bran Castle, briefly home to Prince Vlad Tepes III, known as Vlad the Impaler and the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, was returned to the Habsburg family last year after being seized by the Communists in 1956.



Within months, Dominic von Habsburg put the castle up for sale for £40 million.

Yesterday councillors in Brasov, central Romania, said they had secured a loan to buy the 14th century Transylvanian castle. But the culture minister, Adrian Iorgulescu, said his ministry had first refusal on the castle under terms agreed when it was returned.

Mr von Habsburg’s lawyer, Corin Trandafir, confirmed that his client had approached Brasov council three weeks ago and the lawyer had helped the council arrange a loan with a Vienna-based bank.

Mr Iorgulescu countered: “The purchase offer is illegal as we have the first refusal. Brasov county council can think about buying the castle only after the culture ministry says it is not interested, and we have not yet even made our offer.”

He said, however, that his ministry was not prepared to pay the £40 million asking price as it was “indecently high and exaggerated compared to the real value of the castle”.


A proper evaluation needed to be made before any sale could be agreed, he added.

Mr von Habsburg, 68, a US-based graphic designer, lived in the castle as a child when it was owned by his grandmother, Romania’s Queen Marie, a grandchild of Queen Victoria.

After the fortress was seized by the communists it was turned into a museum. It is the country’s greatest tourist attraction despite the fact that its links to Prince Vlad Tepes III are tenuous.

It is not known how long he stayed there and whether he was a guest or a prisoner in the castle’s dungeons.

He gained his grisly reputation because of his habit of executing opponents by impaling them on spikes and watching as they slowly bled to death.



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Sweetest Day

For wiping my tears
For stilling my fears
For just being you
And my dream come true

For letting me be me
Accepting my duality
Of lover & friend
I hope it never ends

So come what may
I’ll be okay
Knowing that it’s true
That every day
Is sweetest day
Knowing that I have you

Don’t remember the source! Sorry!

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isn’t it nice?

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